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WinterizeWintertime is very unfriendly to a vehicle. Cold temperatures make it hard for an engine to work properly. Snow and ice limit traction. Potholes damage wheels and tires. Salt causes rust and gravel pits the paint. But there are things you can do to help your vehicle in this time of duress.

Following are some steps that Fraley’s Auto Services can do to help you “winterize” your car.
Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Tune Time

If you’re due for a tune-up, this is a good time to have that done. Your vehicle can use all the help it can get during the coming months. A new set of plugs, distributor cap and rotor (if applicable) and ignition wires will give you better, quicker starts.


Be sure your tires (including the spare) are in good condition and properly inflated.  This or uneven tread wear can be very dangerous in winter weather. We inspect your brakes and brake fluid level.
Our professional mechanic will inspect and replace your air filter, rubber hoses and drive belts.
Old damaged or loose hoses and belts can pose a danger in severe weather conditions.
Inspect headlights and flasher hazard lights to make sure they are in good condition.

Anti-Freeze Check

First, we will check your anti-freeze. Even if the fluid looks relatively fresh, anti-freezes include chemical that lubricates the water pumps and inhibit engine corrosion.  These chemicals lose their punch at the end of the recommended lifetime.

Oil Check

Next is the motor oil.  We use the manufacturer’s recommended winter rating. A 10W30-weight oil for example works for everything short of artic or alpine winter conditions. If you use a thicker oil for severe summer driving conditions and are looking at a comparatively cold winter, this is the time to change the oil and switch to a thinner weight.

Wiper/Washer Check

As for wipers and washer fluid, if your wiper blades are marginal, they probably won’t hold up well under the assault of salted-road slush. Because winter in the mountains can have temperatures as low as 40 degrees below zero, you may want a washer solvent that can handle these extreme low temperatures. We will check to ensure you haven’t picked up a few windshield dings, because this is a good time to have them repaired. The combination of cold air temperature and a warm auto interior can quickly escalate a ding into a serious crack.
While we’re on the subject of a warm interior, we will be sure to check your heater. That way you know if it needs maintenance before you really need it.

Battery Check

Now for the battery and charging system. If your battery is within a year of its life expectancy, have it tested. It’s far easier to deal with an aging battery on a pleasant fall weekend than a totally dead one in the dreary dark of winter. A weak battery and/or alternator may not be able to deliver the amperage required for a winter-cold start.

As a reminder

Fraley’s Auto Services suggests you equip each family vehicle with winter safety supplies. This includes an ice scraper, spare bottle of washer fluid, batter jumper cables, warm clothing, first aid supplies, flares, blankets, flashlight with spare batteries, a small shovel, and some sand for traction, bottled water and high energy snack bars. Encourage family drivers to always travel with their cell phone.

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