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Fraley's Auto ServiceAt Fraley's Auto Services, customer satisfaction is the #1 priority. This family owned husband, and wife, business has been serving Show Low, AZ since 1992. Their honesty and integrity has made Fraley's Auto Services a name you can trust.

In the world of automotive repair not many things are more important than experience and customer satisfaction.

Qualified... Fraley's Auto Services is staffed with certified technicians who are capable of handling all of your automotive needs. Whether you need something as simple as an oil change, or a complete overhaul, the team at Fraley's Auto Services can handle the job. Fraley's Auto Services maintains a staff of certified technicians in order to provide the highest level of qualified care in the automotive repair industry.

Professionalism... When you bring your car, truck or sport utility vehicle to Fraley's Auto Services, you can rest assured that one of the certified professionals will take the time to listen to your concerns. They will then diagnose the problem, explain exactly what is needed to repair the vehicle, and finally, will execute the repairs needed to return your vehicle to it's proper operating condition.

Diversity... The staff at Fraley's Auto Services can handle almost any repair you need. Through continuous training and certification programs, the technicians at Fraley's Auto Services are always improving their abilities and expanding their capability to serve their client's every need.

Customer Satisfaction... Fraley's Auto Services has been located in Show Low Arizona for 19 years. Many businesses' have come and gone in that time, but most of the clients who have done business with Fraley's Auto Services in the past continue to use them today because of the outstanding Services they have always received. Fraley's Auto Services has serviced over 1000 area residents and their list of satisfied customers continues to grow.

Here is what one satisfied customer has to say;

In 1969 I owned a 1965 Pontiac that needed a valve job, (after only 175,000 miles). I normally did my own mechanical work. My son was always interested in anything mechanical. Therefore, his mother suggested Dan stay home from school to help me.

We lived in a small town, our home across the street from school. The school principal saw Dan, and asked Ruth, (a school teacher), "who is that boy playing hooky from school?" Somewhat embarrassed, Ruth admitted it was her son, Dan, and felt that he might learn as much helping his father with the car as attending classes that day.

To this day, his mother and I believe he learned something special that day. Dan's love of cars and any mechanical problems has always been a challenge for him.

Since Dan went into the automotive repair business, I no longer do my own repair work - and am glad to trust him to do a better job than I could do. With his expertise I've driven several cars up to 300,000 miles without serious mechanical problems.

If you are seeking a good, honest, and fair mechanic, here is one proud father to recommend Fraley's Auto Services in Show Low, AZ.

Bob Fraley

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